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About Intensity Dance Company

At Intensity Dance Company, we embrace individuality, creativity, hard work, and passion for dance. We push each child to be the best dancer they can be in an encouraging and safe environment. Your child can excel at their own speed and embrace their own talents and abilities creating a strong self confidence that will stick with them forever. With recreational and team programs, we offer training in many styles for all ability levels. Join our community today to find new family and friends that will surround you and your child with love. 

About Our Director

Leslie Spiker 

Owner & Director

Intensity Dance Company is owned and directed by Leslie Spiker. From her first dance class at age 6 to her first year of competitive dance at age 7, Leslie has been a part of the dance world for almost 20 years. For the past 5 years, Leslie has expanded her knowledge as a teacher and choreographer for recreational and competition team levels. As a teacher with a strong focus on technical training, and a national award winning choreographer, Leslie wants to provide each child she teaches with the knowledge and passion for dance to carry their dance futures to the next level. Her core values for Intensity Dance Company are kindness, individuality, creativity, transparency, and compassion for all students and parents. 

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