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Intensity Competition Team

If your dancer is ready to take their love of dance to the next level, our Intensity Dance Company Elite Competition Team is the perfect choice. On team, your dancer will hone their skills to work on routines of a higher caliber to compete throughout the dance season. 


Why should you join the Elite Team?

Our Elite Competition Team takes dancing to the next level with top notch choreography, costumes, and high skill technique classes. Not only will being a member improve your child's skills, but it will also give them a strong foundation in responsibility, team work, and self confidence that will follow them through their whole life. Joining our team family gives you and your child a family and safe space to share this amazing experience with. 


What requirements are there to join?

To join our team, your child should have at least 1 year of dance experience and a willingness to work hard. Once you join, there are attendance and participation policies to ensure the success of our dancers. All interested parents can ask for our Elite Team Handbook which outlines all specific rules. 


How much does it cost?

The cost for being a team member varies for everyone depending on how many dances they are placed in. Each parent is given the freedom to choose the maximum number of dances their child can participate in. The monthly costs include our technique class expense as well as the total cost of the dances your child is placed in. Extra costs include costume fees, practice wear purchases, and competition fees. We have fundraising opportunities throughout the year as well as payment plan options to help in budgeting these extra costs. For more information, ask for our Elite Team Handbook. 


How much time will you be investing?

As a member of our team, your child will take a 2 hour weekly technique class as well as 30 minute choreography classes for each dance your child is placed in. We attend 3-4 competitions through the months of February - May as well as a summer national competition. We always support the other activities and sports of our dancers, so we try our hardest to keep individual schedules in mind when creating your practice schedule for the season. With this being said, attendance is very important and our attendance policy is strictly enforced. For more info on our attendance policy ask for our Elite Team Handbook. 

Interested in joining?

If you are interested in joining the Intensity Dance Company Elite Competition Team, contact us for more information. 

Email :

Phone : 501-230-5158

Office : 2412 E Race Street Ste D Searcy, AR 72143

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