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Frequently Asked Questions

Here you will find information on the most frequently asked questions when joining our dance studio. If you have any further questions email us at

How can I register?

There are multiple ways to register for our classes. Once you have decided what class you would like to register for, you can click the "Register Now" button to go to our online portal and register right from your phone or computer. You can also call or email us to register or for more registration information. You are always welcome to come to our studio during office hours and talk in person about registration. 

What is dance wear?

We require students to be dressed in dance wear for all classes. This includes a variety of options to pick from. We recommend a leotard and tights as your main dance wear base. From there you can add dance skirts, shorts, or leggings as long as they are form fitting and allow us to see the leg and arm lines for all of our dancers. The color of your dance wear is up to you. For questions on where to purchase dance wear, contact us, and we will send you some links to our top choices. 

What dance shoes should we have?

The required shoes for each class differ and are listed in the class description. We prefer tap shoes to be black and ballet shoes to be pink. For questions on where to buy and what brands are best, contact us, and we will send you links to our top choices. 

How and when do I pay?

Monthly tuition is due on the first of every month. We have multiple different payment methods. You can pay through your online portal with credit or debit cards. You can also pay in person with cash or check. 

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